How to stay healthy and happy during the holidays

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How to stay healthy and happy during the holidays

The thing that we have heard most during 2017 is about self-care. Having your mind and body under control has been the thing people went chasing most during this year. But in which way are people conquering that?

Basically, taking care of their bodies with healthy day-to-day choices.

Now with the holidays season, there is no doubt that stress is coming with gift shopping for Christmas, alongside with minus time to practice those day-to-day mantras to keep things under control.

Here are our tips to minimize your general stress:

Get enough sleep. Sleep is a vital indicator of overall health and well-being. We spend up to one-third of our lives asleep, and the overall state of our "sleep health" remains an essential question throughout our lifespan.

Drink plenty of water. Studies have produced varying recommendations over the years. But your individual water needs depend on many factors, including your health, how active you are and where you live. No single formula fits everyone. But knowing more about your body's need for fluids will help you estimate how much water to drink each day.

Eat green. Eating green is better for your health, it gives you more of a variety of fresh produce, it reduces fuel consumption and global warming and it helps the local environment.

Don’t abandon your exercise. The benefits of any exercise program will diminish if it's disrupted too frequently. A "stop-start" routine is not only ineffective but can cause injuries. Being consistent with exercise, therefore, is probably the most important factor in achieving desired results.

And more important: Reducing the stress of shopping. It involves both a mental shift and a little of discipline. The first order of business is to make a list and set a budget. Staying organized early in the month will eliminate that last minute panic and overspending. Use the internet to your advantage. Most online retailers offer great deals with expedited and/or free shipping. If you’re struggling with finding the perfect gift for someone, let yourself off the hook; it really is the thought that counts.


For more helpful holiday survival tips, stay tuned!


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