Quality products with affordable prices

by Maiara Corrêa on August 07, 2017

Many people may not understand how something not expensive can have quality. Shoppers usually consider quality over quantity. They no longer compromise comfort for cheap items. We are here to explain to you how Romance beats that over and truly do sell quality products at affordable prices.

Romance is a workout clothing brand that is based in Brazil and the Brazilian manufacturing industry is the fourth biggest in the world. Having said that, you can already see that a long path has been walked until we stand where we are right now. Our position of selling our clothes abroad instead of buying it overseas and reselling them here is the perfect example of the amazing position we find ourselves. Brazilian game is strong and you now can be a part of it.

The materials that we use, such as polyamide and elastane are brought from Colombia, so we do not need to worry about outstanding taxes, making the process already 10 times less expensive. Since all the materials that we use to make our clothes aren't the most expensive part of the process in here, we can focus on quality with low price

Labor is also not expensive and our employees are trained to develop the most amazing items.

"It is not only a manufacturing industry with a name, It is a company that takes care of their employees in all areas. It goes beyond the employer and employee stereotype." Said Carla, who works for Romance in Rio de Janeiro as a seamstress for about 10 years.

Quality also means good looking for us. The way you will look wearing our clothes is a huge part of our progress.

Brazilian fashion has been on the five biggest Fashion Weeks all over the world and also has over 100 fashion colleges. This is how much we got to be known for being the fitness and lingerie manufacturing industry you can always count with.

Our items are made for you to feel secure, well compressed and dry! High technology is put on everything. It goes from moisture wicking fabrics to power elastane to keep everything in its place.

Romance want to bring to you what is best because you deserve it.


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